A Charity Sourcing Catering Jobs for Ex-Offenders

Securing employment for young and ex-offenders is an important aspect of our charity, and we want to help them reintegrate into society. Our aim is to source jobs for ex-offenders by enhancing the skills learnt in prison by achieving the qualifications needed for food preparation and catering. We also aim to create a food bank, so that the offenders can distribute the food.



Many offenders struggle to find employment upon being released from prison, and our team want to help you change your life. You may have worked in the prison’s kitchens and want to build on the skills you acquired. Our objective is to help you attain the national recognised qualifications within food preparation and catering. Our hope is that our programmes will eventually be linked with probation work as this helps you to obtain a free reference from an establishment as well as a small salary. The food created would be cooked in a local community café at a reduced price for people on a low income, and it would be free for the homeless. In addition to this, our aim is to create a food bank so everyone can take advantage of the services.

Linking the Work with the Youth

To ensure that youths can focus on changing their lives and leave their past behind, we encourage ex-offenders and their families to work in the kitchens side by side to establish a vocation. The expected outcome being that the offenders are resettled within the community. For more information about programmes designed to help ex-offenders to reform their lives, or support for cancer patients, please contact us.

Contact our team about our aim to find jobs for ex-offenders and opening a food bank.