Breaking the Cycle

A Cancer Charity Offering a Support Network for You and Your Family

Nowadays, technology is improving which means that more people are surviving cancer, and at Jo’s Hope, we believe that as a society it is important to give back to those who have fought and won the cancer battle. Unfortunately, recent NHS cutbacks means that fewer provisions are available for you and your family. At Jo’s Charity, we offer counselling services for your friends and family to help them deal and comprehend the effects of cancer. Our team at our cancer charity are always on-hand to support you!

Our Charity

We have worked hard to create a charity that directly helps you. Our charity is exactly like our founder: ‘straight to the point’; ‘no nonsense’, and ‘practical’.

Funding Cutbacks

Examining breast cancer within the Milton Keynes breast care remit, there are several crucial provisions not available to those diagnosed due to funding cutbacks. They are as follows:
a) If you are suffering from Breast Cancer and require surgery, you will not be provided with the 'Crucial' post-surgery bra required to help wounds heal.
b) There is an extremely limited supply of Psychological Assistance needed for cancer patients, and we are not aware of any services that are currently available for the families of non-bereaved members.
c) There are NO none medical therapeutic provisions available to cancer patients that don’t involve a waiting list of up to 6 months.
These findings are shocking, and at Jo’s Hope, our goal is to help you return to the person you once were before your diagnosis.

Scenarios of Cancer

There are a variety of emotions that you feel when diagnosed. Everyone goes through the ‘why me’ scenario. Find below some of the feelings we felt prior and post diagnosis. Please note, these are labels and scenarios we have created to express how cancer affected us, and how we coped with the ‘why me’ feelings.

Pre-Cancer Self: Everyone acted normal around you. You received a text message once a week from family and friends if you were lucky. Work colleagues expected you to be able to move heaven and earth in a day. No one cared if you needed a cup of tea or coffee and travel insurance was £19.99 for an annual subscription.

Post-Cancer Self: Bandanas and head wraps are your new best friends (because you lost all your hair through the horrid chemo). Family and friends you had forgotten about call and ask how you are, so much so that taking a nap and leaving the phone on silent can prompt a love one to call the police, ambulance and fire brigade to knock down your door in fear they have lost you. Work colleagues look at you with pity and still expect you to move heaven and earth in one day. Suddenly filling in the pre-questionnaires about health and medicine requires you to leave home half an hour earlier, and oh travel insurance is astronomical, so if you decide to travel you either don’t tell them about your pre-existing or you just lie.

Counselling Facilities for Your Family

Cancer has a significant impact on your life, and it also affects the people around you, including your friends and family. At Jo’s Hope, we offer counselling services for your family, so you can enjoy those precious moments with your loved ones. Plus, by doing this, as a society, we can obliterate many of the obstacles that arise later, including sick leave, depression, and anxiety.
In addition to supporting you and your family, we also provide programmes for ex-offenders to help them find employment when released from prison.

Contact our cancer charity for more information about how we can source counselling services for your friends and family.